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x                                     Preface.

confijse the student. Elaborate drawings, of course, ne-
cessitated great labour on rny part, as well as considerable
co-operation from makers and the editors of engineering
journals. Such aid has,in every case been afforded most
ungrudgingly, and in many cases has exceeded my most
sanguine hopes, both as regards, drawings and* matter.
The necessity of well-detailed, modern examples, has
always been present to me, and I confidently believe that
such have been supplied. In connection with these, I
would ask the reader to uriite with me in thanking the
following firms and gentlemen who have $o kindly
helped :                         ,

Messrs, the Britannia Company, Colchester.
    . George Booth & Co., Halifax.
       Joshua Buckton & Co., Leeds.
v/    Mr. John Cochrane, Barrhead, N.'B.
1 Mons. Delamare-Deboutteville, Rouen.
Messrs, the East Ferry Road Engineering Works

Company, MillwalK
The Editors of Engifmriug', London.
Messrs. Greenwood & Batley, Leeds.
       Andrew Handyside & Co., Derby.
       Hulse & Co., Manchester.
       B. & S. Massey, Manchester.
       Priestman Bros., Hull
       David Rollo & Sons, Liverpool,
       Samuelson & Co., Banbury,
n      Selig^ Sonnent|ial & Co., London,
       James Simpson & Co., Pimllox
n       Smith, Seacock, and Tannctt, Leeds.
       Smith & Coventry, Manchester.
>      .          the Sturtevant Blower Company, Boston,

U.S.A.t and London,
jj,      Tangyes Limited* Birmingham.
Mr. Ralph H. Tweddell^ Westminster.
'    Sir J. Whitworth & Co,,' Manchester.
Mr. Wilson Wof^del!,- of the N.E. Railway.